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Do you have a passion for literature? If so then perhaps thatfableplace.com might serve as a second home. That Fable Place is always looking for competent writers to reveal and express their opinions in regards to some of the world’s greatest literature. What our resident writers do here is review books, old and new, in a way that is analytical while retaining a sense of informality. That Fable Place may even be able to offer a weekly position within the site, enabling you to have a regular voice in the world of literature. If this sounds of interest then please contact us at thatfableplace@gmail.com.

  • What inspires you to write about literature?
  • What in particular is attractive about writing for That Fable Place?
  • It’s a very tough question to answer, but what would your three favourite pieces of literature be? This can be anything from fact to fiction.

That Fable Place looks forward to hearing from you. Every applicant receives a response via email.

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